Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hitotsubashi University - Japan

As was noted in the preceding section, Hitotsubashi University began as the Institute for Business Training (Shôhô Kôshûjo), established privately in the business district of Tokyo in 1875, about twenty years after Japan had emerged from two and a half centuries of national isolation. The founder of this institute was Arinori Mori, who was later to become the first Minister of Education and play a leading role in establishing the educational policy of the new government. In his youth, Mori had studied at the University College of London, and was later appointed as a Japanese diplomat to the United States. While in London and Washington, D.C., he was able to observe directly the economic prosperity of Western countries, which he realized was due to a rational system of management in commerce and foreign trade, and to the dynamism of their businessmen. Looking at the contemporary economic situation of his own country, which had just started on the long path to modernization, he felt keenly the need to produce businessmen of a more modern kind, who could conduct business on equal footing with foreign businessmen, and who could take the place of the traditional merchants trained under the apprentice system. With this in mind, he established his institute, which expanded gradually with the support of influential figures such as Eiichi Shibusawa and Takashi Masuda. Shibusawa is regarded as the father of modern Japanese industry and established a number of large enterprises still active today, while Masuda was the founder of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After coming under the administration of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and then of the Tokyo Prefectural Government, the institute became a national school under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce in March of 1884, and changed its name to the Tokyo Commercial School.
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